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  1. Shiny M says

    I would need to get a grill to do this, but this looks amazing. I’ll look into your suggested grill.
    Bright Shiny Day

  2. Tara Joy says

    We have that same little grill and love it!! This looks so delicious! It’ll be great on those cold winter days!

  3. Katie Alberter says

    My husband would probably love this sandwich, especially with the cajun mayo. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Theresa Beauteeful Living says

    I love soup so a combo between a sandwich and soup is always a hit with me. Thanks for sharing recipes. That cream of leek soup sounds yummy.

  5. Philip Schilling says

    This looks so good that immediately upon see it, I realized how hungry I was and had to go eat something! It was like a food-mergancy!

  6. Maria Iemma says

    It is only 9 am here but you have made me very hungry for this sandwich – Looks delicious and I love the mayo!

  7. Anna Carter says

    wrong time to read this! I’m starving! That looks wonderful 🙂 My favorite thing is a panini! And I’ve got a bad sore throat right now, so the soup sounds amazing….geez, I may have to run to panera now…

  8. Cahley T-T says

    This is my perfect fall lunch, and even though I don’t like regular tomatoes for some reason sundried tomatoes in a sandwich is an amazing combo!


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