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  1. Anna Fitfunner says

    Caroline: another great recipe using a slow cooker! I’ve been inspired by all of your slow cooker recipes recently, so we had Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore (Italian rather than French, but also using a red wine-based sauce) for supper last night. Thanks for reminding me how fun and easy slow cooker meals can be!

    • Caroline Barnes says

      Mium! that sounds like a really good recipe. I love my slow cooker this time of year and all winter long. It’s so easy, practical and good!

  2. tisonly143 says

    oh wow, i’ll be over for dinner hehe what a wonderful recipe and food like this is what I cook on sundays 🙂 great recipe and thanks for share

  3. Dorothy Teel says

    I am so ready to start up with my slow cooker again, I love stews, and roasts, and this recipe for Beef Bourguignon sounds great with a chunk of fresh French bread and a cold winter or fall evening, thank you have printed and it is wating for me to put it together.


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