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  1. Anna Fitfunner says

    Okay, now you’ve struck a chord. This is good, old fashioned North Carolina BBQ. You can get it elsewhere (Pierce’s in Williamsburg VA is a personal favorite of mine), but it all started on the coast of NC. The slaw makes it good — and also marks it as being from the Carolina coast. They make something close to it in South Carolina (call it bog or something like that), but if you want the real deal you need to head down to NC. My favorite place for NC BBQ is on the Outer Banks. There’s nothing like sitting on the beach in the evening, while chomping on a BBQ sandwich. Darn, my mouth is watering!

    • Caroline Barnes says

      Thanks I really need to travel a little bit more to get to taste all the amazing foods out there!

  2. Anna Fitrfunner says

    Hi: Carie Spence of SweetandSavorySpence also just posted a coleslaw recipe. We’ll need to get a couple more recipes and hold a slaw tasting!

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