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  1. Michele says

    I generally buy Baked Beans in a can-I have never attempted to make it myself. From the way you describe it it sounds like I could use a stock pot (I don’t have a crock pot)–I think I might try this!!

  2. Elizabeth Anderson says

    OMG those look to die for! I’ve never made beans from scratch – they’ve always been canned. I think it’s the overnight soaking that intimidates me but this doesn’t look difficult at all.

  3. Julie @ Logger's Wife says

    I love making baked beans in a the slow cooker. This recipe looks very similar to the one I use. I am from New England where baked beans are pretty popular. My mom used to make them almost every Saturday night in a special pot in the oven. The slow cooker is so much easier. 🙂 (visiting from Titus 2 Tuesday)

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